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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Adrenaline rush in Langkawi.

Salam semua...mak ai bersawang dah blog ni....:P

Yer i tahu...huhu...siapa yang tak pernah pergi Langkawi kan??? ....
Tapi  I memang tak pernah, Nadim tak pernah, daddy pun tak pernah.. 
this is our first time there.
Kira normal lah tukan kalau pergi Langkawi, mesti pergi pantai Chenang, Dayang Bunting,  Underwaterworld, Cable car.. kira macam tuh tempat Langkawi Most Wanted lah kan.. 
tapi we all lain sikit... we all pergi sebahagian je dari tempat tuh... Beras Tebkar, Makam Mahsuri tak pergi, malas sangat nak pergi round2 tengok2 jer....sebab tujuan utama kami pergi sana untuk buat  something else..Yehaaaa!!! 

I think it is no need for me to story the mori.. satu persatu lah k... 
but very the down, down there i've got something to share with you guys.. 
especially for those who loves Adventures and extreme sports!!!! :))

And finally.........The Most  Memorable Adventure Holiday @ Langkawi..:D

Adrenaline Rush in Langkawi.

Dear, Matured Trees, Ropes, Gloves,Cables and Heights...
I don't know where to start...
 I know i hate the feelings, but deep inside U know i love the feelings.
Even more that i hate it.
First i was nervous, "OMG, do i really need to do this????!!!"'
My palms become sweaty, i get cold and i'm shivering.
Ya Allah, my legs and my thighs are cramping very bad.
And then its hits me.
I sit for a while, at the top of the green leaves.

But there's no TURNING BACK.
My hearts lip into my throats.
And i can feel the wonderful sounds of throbbing in my ears.
Suddenly the world slows down for that brief moment, 
but my hearts triples its speed up to catch up with time.
I don't wanna make any mistake.
I'm not committing suicide.

Then slowly,my feet touched down to reality, 
My normal life, 
I felt free and i felt amazed that i still survived, 
and i actually had the courage to do that. 
I did it. I really did it.

The feelings of Flying Fox & Abseiling.


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Arissaos said...

Makan angin di Langkawi memang seronok!! :)